• Advisory

    Roar has the technical and industry expertise to provide professional and customised worksite traffic management advice. Many of our clients lean on us for advice on site specific risk assessments, traffic management plans,vehicle and pedestrian flow reports, traffic engineering reports, site walk throughs. Our Management and Planning teams are accredited and trained to help you with any of your enquiries within this space.

    With our extensive experience comes strong and established working relationships with key stakeholders – in and around the road and rail network – road authorities, councils, VicRoads, Yarra Trams, Public Transport Victoria and local business. These relationships are critical to obtaining consent to works/ approvals in a timely and professional manner.

    From a traffic management perspective, Roar will manage all the work involved in dealing with key stakeholders and obtaining consent to works.

    This is important - so you can get on with what it does best – designing, engineering, constructing. Of course, we stand behind and are proud of our industry-leading Traffic Management Plans, our worksite safety and operating systems, our equipment and importantly, our people. But what drives all of us at Roar is a commitment to be a team player, providing sound advice and to play our role in delivering shared objectives. That’s the fun part.