• Workforce

    Roar has capability to service any short, medium or long term (Project) work placement 24/7/365. A loyal, well-trained and presentable workforce has helped our business move forward and stand up strong against the competition. We comfortably stand behind them as we know they are ready to work. We have strong processes and systems implemented around Fitness for Work, Fatigue Management and Drug and Alcohol to ensure we practice what we preach – creating a safe & professional work environment each and every day.

    We’ve worked extremely hard to establish a culture of honesty, integrity and transparency that instils confidence to our partners, create solid foundations for growth and allow you to get on with your Project. From management to site level, all at Roar make no apologies for protecting our culture.

    We always strive to develop strong collaborative relationships with our clients to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and day to day work is effectively managed. Maximal support. Minimal fuss.